In metal department there are metal works, polishing, welding and machining processes and with its up to date technology machines that we work with steel, stainless steel and aluminum materials.

Metal works / Machine Park

MEP tiger 352 NC evo – fully automatic vertical sawing machine – Automatic material loading, cutting under an angle up to 45 degrees and up to Ø115mm sawing

FOM panda400 – up to Ø350mm aluminum vertical sawing machine

RSA 040 deburring machine – Especially designed for deburring of the complex shape of aluminum profiles

DIRINLER 110 TON C type Eccentric press

BLM NC tube bending machine – up to Ø40 mm

DURMA AD-S 25100 CNC press brake- Up to 6mm thickness and 2500mm length and 6 axis bending capacity

WAFIOS BM 60 CNC wire bending machine – ability of 3 axis wire bending from a coil material, between Ø5 mm and Ø13 mm

MILLER ve OERLIKON tig welding machines

OERLIKON IDS320 pulse ve 350MK mig-mag welding machines

Spot welding machine

Polishing / Machine Park

LOESER two stations flat surface polishing machine – Up to 150mm width.

LOESER two stations round surface polishing machine – Up to Ø80mm diameter.

Machining / Machine Park

MICROCUT VM-1000 CNC machining center – Table dimensions 1300x600mm, 3 axis

TOPPER TMV-150AII CNC machining center – Table dimensions 1100x600mm, 4 axis

TOPPER TNL-120AL 2S CNC Lathe – 10 inc, including C axis